Our stamp is not just our logo. We use our stamp to authenticate the leather, products and services of Tärnsjö Garveri.
We want you to be confident when choosing types of leather; our stamp comes with a guarantee based on our core values.

Authenticity & Craftsmanship



As a quality-driven company we value knowledge in each part of our organization. Since 1873 we have developed a truly unique “hand feel” and a knowledge base you will not easily find elsewhere. We promise to you, our customer, to share this knowledge with you by consistently delivering premium quality in both material and craft.
After 140 years of experience our knowledge of leather is unmatched. We enthusiastically embrace innovation and actively participate in our customers’ product development so you and your consumer can rely on premium quality.
It is really very simple. The earth was here before us, not the other way around. It comes naturally to us to run our business according to industries best practices and with great respect for both the environment and people. We take responsibility for our part in nature’s cycles and will continually seek for new ways to increase our knowledge and improve the sustainability of our processes.

All Together