Tannins from Fir Tree

Tärnsjö Garveri’s business is based on the centuries-old tradition of using fir tree bark to make tannins. Fir tree bark has been replaced with more efficient species of bark commonly imported from South America; today we use bark from the mimosa tree. However we view the local resource of fir tree forests as a possibility to enhance our locally-based production methods. Our goal is to formulate a competitive tannin from this raw material with a significant financial and environmental return.
We have initiated a research project focused on discovering the most efficient technique to produce highly concentrated tannins from the bark of the fir tree.


Fir tree bark harvested by the forestry industry is processed in ways to
increase the concentration of active substances in the tannin.

Current Status

As a result of the initial study we have found that much higher concentrations need to be present in the bark for it to function well in the tanning process. The project is ongoing with multiple active research efforts.