A vision of a house of leather

Rustic elegance from sustainable materials

Tärnsjö Garveri, House of Leather supplies a very specialized market that demands only the highest premium vegetable tanned leather. We operate our business with great respect for our environment, our craftsmen and a sustainable future.

We offer the highest quality materials with an unparalleled aesthetic and products that last a lifetime. We pay little regard to current trends but focus on making exceptionally crafted products of timeless design.

We know our clients choose us because our product and service is the best available on the market, not because of our 140 year history or our traditional methods. However, our heritage and knowledge mean we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations with the highest quality leather goods available anywhere.

Our core values

Authenticity & Craftsmanship



We are a quality-driven company and we ascribe great value to the expertise of our craftsmen. Our knowledge of leather is unmatched in the industry. Since 1873 we have developed a truly unique
“hand feel” based on an unyielding commitment to produce the highest quality product. Premium raw material combined with craftsmanship and timeless design result in a difference that is clearly visible to you, our customer.
We do not hesitate to say that we know vegetable tanned leather better than anyone. With our expertise we provide our clients with the best industry advice grounded in sustainable methods, unparalleled choice of leather and timeless product design. As our client, you can rely on us to make the very best decisions for your product and your specific needs throughout the Tärnsjö Garveri production process.
The earth was here long before us. In everything we do, we respect our “landlord” and employ the most environmentally sustainable techniques possible. We take responsibility for our actions by considering nature’s cycles when developing our internal and external production processes.