Summer vacation

The office and deliveries will be closed weeks 29 - 30 (July 17 - July 28) and operating at reduced capacity weeks 28 and 31 (one week before and after).
We won't be able to process webshop orders between July 14 and August 6 because of vacations.

Thank you for your patience.

Saddlery for horses

We started making products for horses 1913 with the purpose of supplying the local farmers demand for work harnesses.
Since then our craft has become renowned all over the world for supplying horse products of extraordinary quality.


It is widely stated that you need to execute your craft for 10,000 hours before you can call yourself a master. Our saddlers have been practicing their craft since 1873 & master the craft with the quality of the end product dependent upon the investment of time, accumulated experience and chosen material.

All our products are handmade at Tärnsjö Garveri.


Together with Sweden’s most renowned professionals practicing and teaching long reining we have created high quality products for high quality training.

More details and pictures in our shop


Both the Cavesson and the Sidepull are well suited for long reining.
Which is better suited for you is based upon your experience from and knowledge within reining.