Aniline to semi aniline

An honest material that breathes and ages beautifully

Simply defined, aniline leather is leather that has not been painted over to cover marks and imperfections. We use water and water-based finishing exclusively and grade our leathers scrupulously based on the natural aesthetics present in the hide.
We divide our different finishing of leather in to two different categories:

Aniline leather

Leather to which no color has been added during the finishing process. Aniline leather has been ingrained in the tanning process and only a protective finish has been applied to its surface. It has a rich and shifting color texture and is our personal favorite in terms of material integrity and genuine leather feel.

Semi aniline leather

Leather that has been ingrained during tanning to which a layer of color is added in the finishing process. The color tone is more even than aniline leather; however the follicles on the grain side of the leather must still be visible.