Grading of leather

Premium leather with different stories

Since we use environmentally sustainable methods in both our tanning and finishing process the leather we produce has a surface that with an honest whisper lets you know how the life of the cow has been. This means that scars, mosquito’s bites and other injuries can be spotted. In our opinion, this is what makes our aesthetics unparalleled but in order to make it easier for you as a client to choose we grade our leathers in 3 categories depending on the amount of hide that is flawless.

The grading task is carried out by 2 highly experienced women who know how to ensure we deliver a reliable and premium products. In between them they have almost half a century of experience…

Grades of Leather

3rd Grade, 10 % of our total production

Hides that have marks that make it more difficult to use for larger pieces.

Standard Grade, 80 % of our total production

Hides that can be used for small or larger pieces. If your order includes more than one hide of this grade, you will find at least one that would normally be Prima Grade if not for smaller marks on the hide.

Prima Grade, 10 % of our total production

Hides that are almost completely free from any marks. This allows you to use the entire hide and avoid waste that would otherwise result from cutting around unwanted blemishes.